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How do I delete a file?

Slide the row with the file's name from right to left. A delete button will appear on the right.

What are the different kinds of minutes, and what do they mean?

You start out with 30 free, premium minutes that you can use to test out Steno. These minutes use Google Cloud services to do the raw transcription. The minutes you can buy with a one-time purchase are called unlimited minutes. The unlimited minutes are also called on-device minutes. That's because you pay to integrate Apple's built-in transcription abilities with Steno's features of importing audio, recording audio, power editing text with synced time stamps, exporting and so on. The unlimted minutes are most accurate with dictations and recordings where the microphone is about 1 foot away from the speaker. People using the app have found that premium minutes offer better accuracy in different surroundings, and the premium minutes have more languages available than the on-device minutes. You can choose to turn unlimited minutes on or off. If you turn off unlimited minutes, you will go back to using the premium minutes that are remaining, and you are free to purchase more of the premium minutes.

How do I edit information about a file?

Slide the row with the file's name from left to right. An edit button will appear on the left. Tap it, and you will get a screen to change the location, name, time and date of a file.

What exactly does auto upload do?

Auto upload lets you automatically upload a file to the folder of your choice in the available service of your choice. If you change the transcript, however, it won't change in the servce. And if you delete the file on your app, it won't delete in the service, and vice versa.

How can I re-upload an edited transcript?

Slide the row with the file's name from left to right. A "Share" button will appear on the left. Tap it, and you can select whether you want to export or upload either the audio, the transcript, or both. If the file exists, you can choose to overwrite it with your new transcript.

Can I share audio with a different service?

You can export instead of upload. Slide the row with the file's name from left to right. A "Share" button will appear on the left. Tap it, and you can select export with a variety of options, depending on what you have on your device.

What audio types are supported?

Audio files with extension .m4a, .mp3 and .wav are accepted by the application

How can I trim a file?

Check out instructions here: Trimming instructions

How can I contact you about a bug or feedback?

Use the "Contact" button at the top, right-hand corner of this page. We're here to help!

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