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Beta instructions

Thank you for participating in the beta!

To start, please update your device to iOS 13 or higher (I recommend the currently available and more stable iOS 13.1 and above).

If you haven’t joined an iOS beta before, you’ll need to download a free app made by Apple called Testflight. You can get to the app using the public Testflight link to the app that was supplied to you. From there it’s as easy as saying install on the app, as you would press a button to install from the App Store.

When you start using Dictation by Blueshift, follow the instructions on the onboarding screen. When purchasing the test subscription, you won’t be charged any money because it’s in beta mode. The subscription will also run out within a day or so to mimic the subscription ending after a year outside of beta. When that happens, you can just choose to purchase again and, again, you won’t be charged any money.

Feel free to poke around the various corners of the app.

Here are some things to try out:

  • Recording your own audio

  • Importing audio, either audio or video

  • Correcting or refining the transcript in the editor.

  • Trimming the audio

  • Deleting a file

  • Adding bookmarks while recording.

  • Adding bookmarks after recording.

  • Trying out transcription in a different language.

  • Trying out multiple windows on iPad.

  • Trying out keyboard shortcuts on iPad.

(Since the native Voice Memos app doesn’t make itself accessible to file choosing, you can use the export option in Voice Memos and export to the Dictation app from the voice memos app. And you can drag over file if you’re on an iPad).

The most valuable feedback is using the app in a real-life situation. Then let us know what is was like to use the app, if there was anything confusing or hard to do, and what features would be most helpful to you in a future release! Please send feedback to

Thanks so much!