Blueshift Development
A mobile app company that aims to empower and delight.


Blueshift Development LLC is an Austin, Texas-based company that develops mobile apps to empower and delight.


Blueshift Development LLC is an Austin, Texas-based business headed by indy developer Matt Waller. Before creating apps, Waller was the Austin Bureau Chief for San Angelo, Abilene, Wichita Falls, and Corpus Christi. Waller served as a one person state government reporter for all four papers. Stemming from that work, Steno was created with the purpose of being a cost efficient and technologically advanced alternative to other methods of transcription. Waller has worked in a variety of products since entering the software field, including the backend services for FDA drug trial data management. Blueshift works with quality QA testers and design professionals, and aims to use technology to empower and delight.

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